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2010-03-17 15:53:01 by Charlie

so ive been meaning to do this for a long time...


1. Get 1 item Front paged.
2. Get into 1 Colab - Achieved - NDC colab.
3. Get into 5 Colabs
4. Get into 10 Colabs
5. Get scouted - Great, ive been unscouted.
6. Get Accepted into the audio portal - Achieved
7. Post 50 times on the Fourm - Achieved
8 Post 100 times on the fourms -Achieved
9. Post 1000 times on the fourm
10. Post 2500 times on the forum
11. Submit a flash, and not get it Blammed.
12. Get my Alchemy Thread posted in reguraly
13. Make some liked art - Achieved
14. Make some liked music.
15. Get one of these for Latitude
16. Pixel art collab. oh yes.
Make more things to go on the todo list.

To do list:


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2010-03-23 07:31:10

That would be fun/interesting to have a list like that. I might do something similar myself. 13 and 14 probably aren't good things to have on your list because it's hard to define what good is really. I really like that blue devil guy.

Charlie responds:

Yeah, Ill change them, what i ment by good is "liked". Ill chhange them now :)


2010-03-26 15:44:56

I see you're really aiming going to leave you're name on the front page or get a few moments archieved fame.
Does it really matter about the type of collabs you join?

Charlie responds:

Too right xD
one day i will be FP'd, but not any time soon :/
And also, no, it doesn't matter what collabs i enter.

Can be anything from Art, audio, phography, flash (which i fail at)..
But i'd like to take part in more art ones,
i missed out in the Sketchbook tour.. as i didn't have a proper look at it xD

Theres always next year :)
I have an idea for a collab, but i want to get known first.

Its quite an awesome idea if i may say so.
PM me if you want to know more.


2010-04-11 15:01:07

I should join this pixel art thing.

Charlie responds:

i agree :)


2010-05-15 17:53:08

couple of things

i like your music
it's really easy to get something in the flash portal i got in with about 50 seconds of work